Nothing makes me feel better

Better than good

If you were an angel

You would be an angel of mood

You came in and carried me

Away from the dirt I stood

And loved me in a way

People never understood

You are the prettiest

But have never been rude

Even on my beastly days

You  remained humble and calmed my

Anger to mute

You are the beauty of creation

The perfection of cute

Your sense of humour outstanding

Your smile better and true

Though sometimes demanding

I still love been under your rule 

The world probably still has no clue why

My heartbeat

The only reason my heart would want to fly


Nothing looks the same.

Nothing looks the same
You’ve been gone for ages
Spaces quenched the flame
That set our heart on fire
Love lost its place
Quarrels lurking in the darkness
Sadness in the frame
To break down every stone of feeling we built
I’m going insane
You were my day
In the days I could not live
Nothing looks the same
Without you memories lost its fame
We now alone
Even darkness feels lonely
I’m dreaming
And it seems you don’t know me
Nothing looks the same
You’ve been gone for ages
Nothing looks the same

Just a moment.

Our love needs a moment
Our heart need some treatment
Our palms become cold
As spaces takes control
Our eyes becomes wet
With tears quarrels sent
Waiting for one to open up first
Pride takes up our humility spot
Loneliness begins to grow from yesterday’s spat
Each second takes us a door apart
Hatred in smiles, laughs and begins to clap
As our promises begin to scupper
The future beginning to shatter
No more visions of standing at the alter
No more dreams
Everything begins to falter.
Our love needs a moment
Our hearts need some treatment