Nothing makes me feel better

Better than good

If you were an angel

You would be an angel of mood

You came in and carried me

Away from the dirt I stood

And loved me in a way

People never understood

You are the prettiest

But have never been rude

Even on my beastly days

You  remained humble and calmed my

Anger to mute

You are the beauty of creation

The perfection of cute

Your sense of humour outstanding

Your smile better and true

Though sometimes demanding

I still love been under your rule 

The world probably still has no clue why

My heartbeat

The only reason my heart would want to fly



My heart stops to beat
Stare and asks questions
Why do your love sweep me off my feet
Every time our eyes stops and meet
Why do your love make yesterday take a seat
And wonder what tomorrows moment has in its sleeves
Why do your smile heal all my grief
All my sadness,I no longer weep
Why do your thoughts feel my week
Why do my heart feel empty
When spaces take your seat for keep
Why do I yearn for forever
When you are so close to me
Wishing for your kisses
In whatever weather
Even when you far from me
Why do I love you so much
But still continue to seek
More of your love
In your heart.
My heart stops to beat.
Stares and ask all these questions
Answers to love I seek

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Back to those times.

When love sends us back to those times

When we only thought about how to fly

And never about tomorrow’s fights


I know by Poeticfi

I know you’ve been crying over me
Thinking about leaving me
Turning away and taking my jealousy
As not been the right lead
As not been the right me
Cos time changed and I changed
Bringing out a different feed
Though I wanted the best for we
Making mistakes day and night
But now I can clearly see
I love you more
More and more
More than you can ever feel
My heart pleading I’m on my knees
Saying sorry cos that’s the new me
And love you like you on some loving spree
I know you’ve been crying over me
But I aint gonna make the tears win
Coz I love you
And Love always win

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What Does your Heart say…Poeticfi

What Does Your Heart say
When I look In your eyes
Holding you tight
Sitting by your side
Wishing I could stop time
What does your heart say
Does it ever ask why
I can never leave you behind
Does it ever answer right
I love you with such might
Does it see in my eyes
I can no longer hide
All these feelings
Rushing through my spines
What does your heart say
Does it have the same dreams
About our future
Like I do every night
A future of Just you and I
Loving from nine to nine
After wine and dine
With our face beaming with joy and smile
A future of Just you and I

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