Nothing makes me feel better

Better than good

If you were an angel

You would be an angel of mood

You came in and carried me

Away from the dirt I stood

And loved me in a way

People never understood

You are the prettiest

But have never been rude

Even on my beastly days

You  remained humble and calmed my

Anger to mute

You are the beauty of creation

The perfection of cute

Your sense of humour outstanding

Your smile better and true

Though sometimes demanding

I still love been under your rule 

The world probably still has no clue why

My heartbeat

The only reason my heart would want to fly


Distant lovers without a Single clue

Distant lovers without a Single clue

Where did our love travel to
Distant lovers without a single clue
Sadness happily beginning to cruise
As our hearts fall and begin to lose
Love conquered
Our eyes bemused
Doubts in rule
For our words sounds no longer true
Even out touch brings no joy
But memories of pain and tears
We no longer two
We couldn’t see it through
The forever we painted in the skies
With its looking moon
The happiness, the joy and the smiles
All buried under a moment of ruin
Where did our love travel to
Distant lovers without a single clue
Where did our love travel to
Distant lovers with our faces looking blue
Singing apart with sadness in our every tune
Looking apart as spaces replace every promise of forever
With a hurting and a permanent bruise
Where did our love travel to
Distant lovers without a single clue

April’s blizzard snowstorm.

Relationship moved slow
Love became a hell of blows
Today was Quarrel’s
Tomorrow became sadness own
Sleeping apart on a single throne
Kissing in parts
No feelings grown
Even touches failed to make our heart to moan
Our spines to coil and make our feelings to roam
Memories going distant, our actions glowed
In different directions,our eyes went low
Tears became it’s only language
It never stopped to flow
Heart beating slow
Tick Tock Tick Tock
Our hearts became cold
Colder than an April blizzard snowstorm.


My heart stops to beat
Stare and asks questions
Why do your love sweep me off my feet
Every time our eyes stops and meet
Why do your love make yesterday take a seat
And wonder what tomorrows moment has in its sleeves
Why do your smile heal all my grief
All my sadness,I no longer weep
Why do your thoughts feel my week
Why do my heart feel empty
When spaces take your seat for keep
Why do I yearn for forever
When you are so close to me
Wishing for your kisses
In whatever weather
Even when you far from me
Why do I love you so much
But still continue to seek
More of your love
In your heart.
My heart stops to beat.
Stares and ask all these questions
Answers to love I seek

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Dreams Of A beautiful love

Pull me back if you’re a dream
Give me more,if you’re true as you seem
As it feels,with your every touch
Stronger and better, no one can snatch
Continuous love,with no past in sight
Stronger with every minute
Never a day for bye
Your love never lose its rights
For quarrels run without a fight
Tears vanish without a cry
And with my parts, they’ll forever yearn for your side
Even in blight, even in my darkest nights.
Even in the strongest tides
Your love continue to light
My love,my star
My beautiful angelic knight.
On land, and in flight.
Pull me back if you’re are a dream
Give me more, if you’re true as you seem.
Till the fall of the little last leaf
You I shall trust, your love I shall believe.

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Back to those times.

When love sends us back to those times

When we only thought about how to fly

And never about tomorrow’s fights


Dreams of Forever.

I never want us to end
Never want us apart
Either side of the fence
I just wanna be with you
Even when forever seems like an offence
Even when doubts and lies make time look tense
Even when my heart stops to beat for a second
I still wanna love you the same way I did
The same way I breathed
Just before that very end.
I love you
Even when my eyes goes red.
I love you
Wherever life will send.
Even when the road curves and bends.
I still wanna be here with
Twice the love and twice the care.
I’ll love you till the very end.
I never want us to end