Blessed with Love…PoeticFi

We had it all

Our love was strong

No wrongs,No brawls

Just us with laughter and joy

Romping all along

Never caring about worldly probes.

And even though we had our faults

We never worried about it bringing us to a loss

Or making our efforts come to nought

But with every tick  of the clock

Our love grew harder than a rock

Inseparable to jealousy,resistant to its shots

We were blessed with love,

We were blessed with love

Love became our daily song

Love corrected all or wrongs

We were blessed with love,

We were blessed with love

Lost Love……PoeticFi

I never wanted this to be us

My soul promised this to its best

But the world saw our love and promised to make us worst

Made barriers to try and divide us like a math set

We fell for its schemes and fought like world war soldiers

No peace,always quarreling with the passing second

And No,I never wanted this,

All I wished was for us to love like Romeo and Julliet

Love so pure,only death could separate our love blitz

But we gave in to the pressures of the world schemes

And oh,how it made me displeased

For I loved you,and I told you to the times of twenty

But you never believed I nor trust my sureties

I saw it in your eyes,You put love last with your big egos and rejected my kisses

To the laughter of the world,they had their granted wishes

I tried to stop you,but you fought like a veteran against I your enemy

But now we over,

Our love gone like a rover,

Your eyes wet for you sober,

Your heart saddened like a downer

Alas the world won,

Our love gone,

We could have loved long,

But you ended it wrong,

For you fell for the traps of our foes.

And now you look and sit so forlorn.

We’ll grow old….PoeticFi

We’ll grow old and so close

And when cold,hold each other in a bed full of rose

With the lights off,under closed doors

No shadow to witness our love show

We shall make love till  night close

And the sun wakes,and says we make love look good

Love always be our tune

And even through quarrels and feuds

We shall defeat all into eternal doom

We shall stick together bound with loves glue

With time the world confess our love is true

The world never witness a tear from our eyes so blue

But always pave way for us with their long brooms

The world shall watch us grow old forever with me in your bosom.

Heal my doubts…..PoeticFi

A thousand lies.

A thousand why’s.

A thousand answers I want for these question signs.

A thousand truths I want for my tears to dry.

Proper reasons with a tick of five.

To heal these doubts that make my eyes to cry,

That make my heart  sigh,

That make my feelings to hide,even as you sit close by.

Hold my hands tight

And assure me still,you love me like those first times.

Tell me all these stories of cheats and crimes,

Where all fabricated and misplaced lies.

Tell me your heart still  beats so pure and bright

And nothing made it loose its color of white.

Let my ears  hear you say you love me with all your might,

Even without thinking twice.

Let all these lies remain rumours and fly,

Let all these question marks be replaced with dotted lines,

Let me see the truth from your sparkling eyes,

Let me know the truth with a kiss from your lips that shine,

Let your love replace all these thousand reasons that makes my heart to doubt.

I don’t Know…..PoeticFi

I don’t know why you cried

I don’t know why I lied

I don’t know If I made you rile

I don’t know if I’m always right

I don’t know if you want to say bye

I don’t know if my heart wants to keep on to try

I don’t know if your emotions died

I don’t know if your beauty lost its value in my eyes

I don’t know if your heart still races if I’m around

I don’t know If your memories still exists in my mind

I don’t know if your body still longs for mine

I don’t know if I still want you inside

I don’t know if you’d be here till the end of  time

I don’t know if I still exist in your heart’s file

I don’t know if we’d continue to smile

Under the watchful eyes of the sun and the stars in the sky

What I do know,Is I love you with all of my heart.

I wish…..PoeticFi

I wish,I wish,I wish

I wish this time will never end

I wish our passion would always blend

I wish you’d always be here every time and every when

I wish to always see you smile,even through the unstoppable tears

I wish for your love to stay same,Even when I die or disappear

And  increase with every passing year

I wish for you to be here by my side,

Always when the darkness nears,

To comfort all my heart’s fears

I wish for you to hold me tight even when your heart don’t cheer

I wish for you to save me,

Through those horror days with the vampires

I wish to hear the sound of your voice,

To save me from these disturbing nightmares

I wish for you to always hold me dear

Forever in your heart’s care

I wish to always be in the memories that you’d forever wish to share.

I wish,I wish,I wish

Remind me……….PoeticFi

Cast away your fears

Dry completely your tears

Let your face smile and remind me of those beautiful years

Let your beauty shine and revive those feelings we used to passionately share

Hold me close so tight,with every emotion and cheer

Kiss my lips deep and remind me once more of its sweetness

Look in my eyes still,With the angelic light in its fill

And remind me of all the moments and memories we created with our every will,

The summer times we used to cuddle in the lovely fields,

The silly times,We used to quarrel loud under the nightly dew,

And those lovely nights,when we made passionate love,when the wind was very chill

I may have lost my way,but to you my heart would always yield

Just love me more,And remind me of all those lovely years I spent under your shield.